2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 5

2017 Intern Blog Series: Week 5

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Out of gas, but still going strong

Hello again! This week, we were in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so we won’t bore you with stories of staring at our computers! Tuesday and Thursday, however, were filled with adventure, so we hope you enjoy hearing about week five (WOW, have we already been here for that long?)!

Tuesday morning, we struck out by ourselves to join a tour with undergraduate researchers from Florida Internation University’s Center for Aquatic Chemistry and the Environment. Bradley Schonhoff was our generous guide and we began by exploring the old growth Mangrove forests that surround Oleta River State Park. We took water quality samples by Al Capone’s prohibition household and learned about how freshwater mediates salinity within bay environments!

Jonathan, Annalee, Rachael, and David pose for a picture on the pontoon boat tour.
Annalee prepares to test salinity levels in Oleta River State Park.

Later during the day, we participated in an activity about communicating science. During the activity, we identified a research issue and discussed how to effectively communicate it with a crowd of people. We identified the audience, discussed the problems with it and the details that engage the audience, reviewed the solutions and highlighted the benefits associated with solving the issue. Overall, we learned how to create an elevator pitch and how to persuade an audience that an issue is important.

On Thursday, we went out on another airboat tour with reporters from NPR. Airboat tours will never get old, and we learned an entirely new set of information from the first tour we did four weeks ago! We even got stuck out in the middle of the Everglades for about thirty minutes when our boat ran out of gas. It was a blessing in disguise because there is nothing better than being forced to slow down and look around you. For that thirty minutes, we were able to sit still and take in the beauty of the marsh while listening to Eric being interviewed by the reporters. It was absolutely peaceful. After lunch, we looked at the current construction being done in Miami for sea level rise. We looked at the road elevations, canals and pumps that were placed in the neighborhoods.

David hold up an Apple Snail shell found on the airboat tour.
The interns pose on the boat after Jonathan and Annalee get their pants dirty by wading through the marsh.

This week also marked the first week of our capstone project. Although we have all started work on them already, now is a good time to let you know what we have been up to! Rachael, the science intern, is working on creating the 2017 Science Insider magazine. Annalee, the education intern, is working on a newsletter that will go out to all the educators that are connected with Jen Diaz’s Literacy Program. Jonathan, the policy intern, is working on a campaign plan for Florida Bay. And, David, the communications intern, is working on travel blogs for the Foundation’s new website.

We can’t wait to share our completed projects with you and look forward to continuing to work on them for the next few weeks!

Until Next Time,
The CI