A Message To Teachers

A Message to Teachers - Everglades Foundation A Message to Teachers - Everglades Foundation

Dear Teacher,

Welcome to the Everglades Literacy Teacher Toolkit. This set of lesson plans is designed for K-12 teachers to help raise awareness about America’s most important wetland ecosystem. The Everglades are a national treasure. The Greater Everglades Ecosystem is home to hundreds of species of beautiful and fascinating birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and plants. It provides habitat to many threatened and endangered species, provides fresh water to millions of Floridians and is an international biosphere reserve.

These lesson plans will lead K-12 students to explore key aspects of the Everglades, the issues surrounding this vast ecosystem and ways to take action to help preserve it.

Our Everglades literacy teacher trainings provide teachers with a hands-on introduction to the lessons designed for their grade levels. During this one-day workshop, lessons will be modeled and teachers leave with all of the materials that they need to implement the lessons with their students.

The lessons were designed with the desired outcome of moving students toward Everglades literacy. Students who complete these lessons from kindergarten through twelfth grade will graduate with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Everglades and the roles it plays in our quality of life.

The first step to this project was creating the Everglades Literacy Conceptual Frameworkto define what being “Everglades literate” means. Seven fundamental concepts are identified in the Framework. All of the lessons are aligned to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, the Common Core Standards and the Everglades Literacy Conceptual Framework Fundamental Concepts. Please read the Framework and use it as a roadmap for implementing these lessons.

We hope you and your students not only enjoy, but learn from these Everglades lessons. Thank you for helping us grow the future generation of Everglades stewards.