The Batchelor Foundation Announces $750K Challenge Grant-Your gift will help us reach our goal!

The Batchelor Foundation Announces $750K Challenge Grant-Your gift will help us reach our goal!

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We are pleased to announce that The Batchelor Foundation recently confirmed its support for the Everglades Foundation’s science team with a $750,000 Challenge Grant. The grant will specifically support the Foundation’s strategic new initiative to develop an End-Point Everglades Restoration Plan to restore America’s Everglades and sustain south Florida’s water supply.

From the Kissimmee River to Florida Bay, the Everglades is part of our national heritage. Sadly, however, much of this treasure has either already been lost or is in grave danger.

The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) was intended to address the challenges by removing barriers to water flow, re-hydrating wetlands, providing fresh water for both rural and urban use and maintaining flood control for developed areas. While many key projects are underway, they represent only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the work needed to complete the restoration of the Everglades. Furthermore, some other CERP projects have been deemed too costly or entirely unfeasible, making implementation — as it was originally conceived — impossible.

A revamped Everglades restoration plan is clearly needed. During the next three years, the Everglades Foundation will focus its energy and resources to develop an End-Point Everglades Restoration Plan; a feasible and clear roadmap with a defined goal for completing Everglades restoration including essential projects, their estimated costs and projected timelines.

A strong supporter of our science-based efforts, The Batchelor Foundation has generously awarded a $750,000 Challenge Grant to the Everglades Foundation over the next three years. With the generous support of The Batchelor Foundation, we are confident that we will have the resources needed to translate science into action and track restoration implementation.

In order to access these funds, however, the Everglades Foundation must raise matching gifts on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Your support will help us launch what may be one of the most important strategic initiatives yet with respect to Everglades restoration – a comprehensive road map to restore this vital ecosystem.

We urge you to support this new initiative! Please visit to double your donation today.