Celebrating Earth Day With Millennia Gardens Elementary

Celebrating Earth Day With Millennia Gardens Elementary

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A Kindergartner learns about Everglades animals.

This year, the Education Department celebrated Earth Day with one of our Everglades Champion Schools, Millennia Gardens Elementary in Orange County, Florida.

Millennia Gardens Elementary organized an Everglades Literacy Challenge, where all K-5 teachers in the school implemented lesson plans in the classroom. Teachers Dawn Chehab, Claudia Goncalves, Kathryn Perrotta, Erica Roberts, and Joshua Garrett attended our Everglades Literacy Workshop hosted by SeaWorld Orlando, our Everglades Literacy Partner, and were excited to bring Everglades literacy to their school. A total of 51 classrooms school-wide participated in the challenge, and 900 students were able to learn about the Everglades.

The Everglades Literacy Challenge was sponsored by The Eco Club at the school, which focuses on projects, education, and awareness campaigns to teach students environmental responsibility. Through grant funds and partnerships, The Eco Club has set up a variety of projects on site, including a Wildlife Sanctuary recognized by The National Wildlife Federation as a certified habitat which features a gopher tortoise enclosure, an Osprey perch, bat houses, and hydroponics.

We are amazed at the dedication of Millennia Gardens Elementary to environmental education and ensuring that every single student is Everglades literate!

Millennia Gardens Elementary promoted the Everglades Literacy Challenge around the school.
Third grade students working together to identify Everglades habitats and organisms.