Florida Newspaper Editorial Boards in Their Own Words: Buy EAA Land & Send Water South

Florida Newspaper Editorial Boards in Their Own Words: Buy EAA Land & Send Water South

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Palmetto Bay, Fla. – Since its launch in January, the Support the EAA Reservoir Project Coalition has been advocating for Florida lawmakers to purchase the EAA land south of Lake Okeechobee in order to build a deep-water reservoir and help restore the Everglades. And as the clock on this time-sensitive land option continues to tick away, Florida editorial boards have been making their voice heard – buy the EAA land and send water south.

Here they are in their own words:

“Florida lawmakers may be on the verge of making a mistake of historic proportions by letting a splendid opportunity to aid Everglades restoration and clean up water east and west of Lake Okeechobee slip through their fingers this session. . . Sooner or later, it has to happen, so why not now? The money is available. The land is available. The time is right.” – “Sweet Deal,” Miami Herald, 3/27/2015

“Instead, money should go for parks, beaches, and protecting springs – and to buy that sugar industry-owned parcel vital to Everglades restoration.” – “State must consider sugar land buy in wake of UF report,” Palm Beach Post, 3/11/2015

“As state legislators focus on finding all the necessary funding for current, critical water storage projects, we urge them and Gov. Rick Scott not to ignore a significant land purchase, which could increase that storage even further and route harmful water from Lake Okeechobee into the Everglades.” – “Supporting sugar land purchase for water storage,” News-Press, 3/5/2015

“Scott and lawmakers must follow through on voters’ wishes: Buy the land!” – “Buy the land! Fix problem that has persisted for 84 years,” Treasure Coast News, 2/27/2015

“It’s the most important piece of the Everglades restoration puzzle. If Florida doesn’t use its option to buy the land now, it’s not likely to happen.” – “Water officials should put sugar land buy on March agenda,” Palm Beach Post, 2/23/2015

“The land includes a 26,100-acre parcel just south of the lake that could be used to build a reservoir to hold excess lake water before it is cleaned and sent south to the Everglades. . .We hope 2015 isn’t a repeat of 2013. But we, as a region, can do more than hope.” – “Another lost summer is looming,” Treasure Coast News, 2/13/2015

“Not only is the land available on which to locate a reservoir, there is a contract between the state and U.S. Sugar, which owns that land, to allow the plan to forge ahead. . . Gov. Scott should use his new commitment to the Everglades to unclog this holdup before the opportunity to renourish a precious resource is lost.” – “Glad for the Glades,” Miami Herald, 2/5/2015

“Legislators must take it from here and exercise the option to buy sugar’s land, clean the water and send it south to the Everglades. The land won’t be available again. Everglades restoration can’t happen without it.” –  “Lawmakers need to take Scott’s Everglades plan further south,” Palm Beach Post, 1/30/2015

“Advocates for the land purchase say the governor understands returns on investments, knows how to solve problems, and has the courage to stand up to sugar industry leaders. They want him to act. . . The time is right. The money is available. The governor should act.” – “Move now to buy sugar land, send excess Lake O water south,” Palm Beach Post, 1/22/2015


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