Everglades Foundation announces partnership with Verb, Inc. to manage $10 million science prize

Everglades Foundation announces partnership with Verb, Inc. to manage $10 million science prize

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Palmetto Bay, Fla. – The Everglades Foundation, Inc. CEO Eric Eikenberg today announced a strategic partnership with Verb, Inc. to develop, produce and execute the Foundation’s $10 million science prize for an innovative solution to reduce phosphorus pollution in water. Verb will run the competition and help innovators bring solutions to market combating the phosphorus pollution plaguing the globe and, specifically, the Everglades.

Prize money from the competition will be awarded to participants capable of developing a cost-effective process for recovering phosphorus while yielding clean water from natural water bodies on a large scale.

“This enormous undertaking has the potential to fundamentally change how we clean waterways polluted by excess phosphorus that threatens our global water supply,” said Eikenberg. “Verb is uniquely qualified to lead this initiative, as we search for an innovative breakthrough.”

The prize is a multi-year science-based effort that will rely on the best scientists and engineers from around the world to study, design and ultimately complete a process capable of meeting the world’s need to capture excess phosphorus and recycle it for productive uses.

Acting in close partnership with the Everglades Foundation, Verb has a strategic plan to engage experts, educate the public and foster a community of entrepreneurs through a comprehensive set of services and technology platform.

“This prize will have an impact reaching far beyond the Everglades,” says Verb CEO Suzi Sosa, “Not only will it benefit freshwater bodies everywhere, but it will also demonstrate the power of competitions to solve our planet’s most pressing problems.”

In addition to the $10 million prize, the Everglades Foundation will award “sub-prizes” ranging from $35,000 to $200,000 to reward innovators tackling smaller subsets of the problem within the broader stakeholder community. An independent panel of judges, with diverse backgrounds in science, policy and economics, will oversee the process and select the winners.

The prize will be the largest science prize ever run relating to phosphorus. It is expected to attract more than 300 applicants from over 10 countries that will compete in this multi-year competition.

The Everglades Foundation is led by a Board of Directors with global expertise in business, technology, finance, health and law, and includes a prize committee chaired by Dr. Maurice Ferré of Miami, Florida.

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About the Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3), science based organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of America’s Everglades. Founded in 1994 by Paul Tudor Jones II and the late George Barley, the Everglades Foundation’s science, education, communication and advocacy teams work diligently each day to accomplish this goal. For more information, please visit evergladesfoundation.org.

About Verb

Verb is a social enterprise that produces massive social entrepreneurship competitions in partnership with global companies, foundations and governments. Verb competitions mobilize thousands of teams from around the world to solve the planet’s most pressing social and environmental problems. Founded in 2013 by Austin entrepreneurs Suzi Sosa and Tom Meredith, Verb combines proprietary technology, expertise, and social networks to produce a competition experience unlike any other. For more information, please visit www.goVerb.com.