Everglades Foundation Announces The George Barley Science Prize Competition at White House Event Today

Everglades Foundation Announces The George Barley Science Prize Competition at White House Event Today

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MIAMI — Today, in collaboration with the White House Office of Science, Technology and Policy (OSTP), the Everglades Foundation unveiled its new website for the $10 million George Barley Science Prize and announced an additional $1.2 million in prizes totaling $11.2 million over six years. The competition is the largest clean water prize ever run and will source innovative and cost-effective technologies to remove and recover excess phosphorus from fresh water.

The prize was announced today by Dr. Peter Preuss, Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—the same agency that calls nutrient pollution, “one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems…resulting in serious environmental and human health issues, and impacting the economy.”

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the White House and have the opportunity to highlight the George Barley Science Prize on the world stage,” said Everglades Foundation Director of Science and Dr. Thomas Van Lent who attended the invite-only event. “Much like our late co-founder for whom the prize is named, The George Barley Science Prize is ambitious and unafraid of tackling seemingly insurmountable obstacles head-on.”

The six-year competition will incorporate multiple stages and benchmarks, with the first three years of the competition including three stepping-stone prizes. The first two prizes enable entrants to test technologies at lab scale and compare performance under similar operating conditions. The third stepping-stone prize enables entrants to test technologies for three months at pilot scale to demonstrate proof-of-concept that guides full-scale implementation.

Launching in summer 2016, The George Barley Science Prize is designed to attract more than 300 applicants from over 10 countries and benefit over 100,000 miles of freshwater bodies.

Pre-enrollment begins today at barleyprize.org.