Everglades Foundation seeks proposals to manage $10 million Science Prize

Everglades Foundation seeks proposals to manage $10 million Science Prize

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The Grand Challenge RFP
CEO Eric Eikenberg presenting The Grand Challenge at Chicago Summit on Drinking Water Protection on September 24, 2014. – Photo: Brooke Collins, © 2014 City of Chicago.

The Everglades Foundation announced today that it is seeking a Prize Administration Firm to assist with the development and implementation of The Grand Challenge – a $10 million science prize.

The selected firm will have expertise in project management and prize competitions. The selected firm will collaborate with the Everglades Foundation, partners, technical experts, scientists, and testing facilities in developing and implementing The Grand Challenge.

A $10 million prize will be awarded to anyone who can develop a proven, cost-effective technology for removing and recycling phosphorus from our water bodies.

The prize competition aims to attract innovative ideas from developers new to the industry and next generation ideas from existing developers. Prize entrants will meet criteria for testing and evaluation of scaled prototypes.

The Everglades Foundation envisions that this competition will achieve game-changing performance enhancements of existing technology, establishing pathways to sweeping cost reductions at a commercial scale.

Administration of The Grand Challenge will include: refinement of process and benchmarks for awarding the $10 million and sub-prizes totaling $1 million; implementation of the various competition stages, oversight of marketing and publicity, and evaluation of the impact of The Grand Challenge

Requests for Proposals must be received by November 26, 2014.

To receive the RFP package please contact:

Sonia Succar Rodríguez
Director, Phosphorus Grand Challenge
Everglades Foundation

18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 625
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157

O: 786.249.4453