Letter to Governor Scott: Denounce SFWMD’s Governing Board Actions and Ask Them to Resign

Letter to Governor Scott: Denounce SFWMD’s Governing Board Actions and Ask Them to Resign

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Scott Letter 11.8.18

15 responses to “Letter to Governor Scott: Denounce SFWMD’s Governing Board Actions and Ask Them to Resign

  1. Totally agree with you Eric. Another land grab. Apparently the SFWMD took off their sheep clothing. I certainly hope that you will proceed with all means available to reverse this action by the thieves on the SFWMD!

  2. Everything that makes Florida a special place to live revolves around the Everglades and the diverse flora and fauna that abound there. We must preserve this unique gem. Please stop this delay to restoration and cleaning of waters that flow to our national treasure and pride.

  3. Thank you for your stern response. I can’t believe this has happened. Corrupt Government is going against the will of the people of Florida to benefit the big sugar again and after all their pre election promises. How is this possible? What can be done to counter act this horrible act?
    Please continue to confront keep us informed of what we can do to stop this outrage.
    Am a member of Captains for Clean Water.

  4. Unbelievable! Typical political move. I suggest that you just follow the money and that always exposes the culprit. Big sugar has always been in the way of Everglades restoration and now the effects of doing nothing has destroyed the tourist and fishing industry by contaminating lake O with unwanted nutrients from the sugar cane industry. Taxpayers pay for pumping stations to allow for growing of sugar cane, then subsidise the price of sugar and then big sugar turns around and destroys our fishing grounds by killing the grasses that support the fish. Not to mention the fact that the discharge out of lake O promotes the production of red tide and green algae which not only destroys the fish, it is found to be a serious health hazard causing both respiratory and neurological problems in humans. Wake up! Quit taking the money from big sugar and do what is right and save the tourist and fishing industry as well as protecting the population from exposure from this man made toxin.

  5. I am shocked by the lawlessness of this action and I will continue to support the Everglades Foundation and all you are trying to do to save our beautiful national park.

  6. This is absolutely ludicrous. The appointees of SFWMD are obviously not taking the best interest in our environment, health and livelihood! They just are not understanding how severely they are contributng to the collapse of Florida ecology and those not respecting and/or understanding the complexities and ramifications of their poor decision at such a critical time must be replaced immediately.

  7. Thank you Eric Eikenberg and the Evergades Foundation for uncovering the deceipt the SWFMD has done by extending the lease for Florida Crystals. I am a snowbird that recently purchased in Cape Coral. I am appalled that government officials know the dire condition of South Florida environment and lie to the public to get elected, then sneakily sign measures to continue to exasperate the Lake Okeechobee water release problem. I am so glad I read about your organization in local newspaper. To know there is an organization knowledgeable and advocating for what is right. I fully support you! Thanks again.

  8. Senator Elect Scott I hope you reconsider granting sugar farmers an extension.. the reservoir was supposed to be finished by year 2022 per Senator Rubio letter I received last month.. Why did you extend the lease and mislead voters?.. I witnessed a huge slaughter of marine life this summer near Sanibel Island.. Water tested by local biologists says water contained huge amounts of fertilizer and pesticides..

  9. Thank you! We must protect the the environment and all living creatures from Greed! We, humans, are destroying our plant, we must speak up and say and do something before it’s too late!

  10. Governor Scott. In your last days as governor, please do not leave the office with the label “liar”. If you in fact mean what you said regarding protecting our natural resources (while pursuing your new office) then make your word mean something. Make it true, not false. Correct the wrong which is occurring.

  11. If is imperative that we preserve what we have and improve the environmental for future generations. Stop big business interests from destroying our quality of life.

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