Moni Barrios

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Moni BarriosDevelopment & Events Coordinator

Moni Barrios joined The Everglades Foundation in 2009, and currently serves as the Foundation’s Development & Events Coordinator. Over the past 7 years, she’s demonstrated an unwavering love for Florida’s landscape and believes that experiences evoke action and advocacy. Having been the operational & logistics lead for the Foundation’s 2016 Bus Tour, Moni mapped out the road trip that covered well over 1,200 miles statewide and led to unanimous support and passage of Florida’s 2016 Senate Bill 10 — which called for the long-awaited EAA Reservoir. Additionally, Moni served as the project lead for the 2018 DC Summit, and continues to manage the ForEverglades Benefit Dinners and other Foundation events. Moni, a Miami-Native, resides in  Miami with her family. She enjoys boating, fishing and spending her Saturdays at the beach.