My Everglades Story, by Yudi Romero

My Everglades Story, by Yudi Romero

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Location: Shark Valley

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During my starting years in Miami Dade College, an ex-boyfriend surprised me by taking me on an adventure – a bike ride through Shark Valley.

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On the way over, a storm was brewing and the sky was so dark, it looked like it was falling, but when we arrived, the clouds lightened to a softer grey. Determined to make this ride, we took our chances and set out on the trail. The view was breathtaking. We stopped frequently to take pictures and appreciate the scenery.

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We were riding for a while before making it to what’s considered midpoint when it started to pour. The darkness seemed all encompassing by this point  and the lightning began to strike. It was intense.

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Here we were, surrounded by nothing other than vegetation, water and wildlife. Despite my fear of the lightning, I couldn’t help but take in the beauty of the Everglades. I didn’t want to touch anything out of fear of hurting wildlife or contaminating the water. The experience was so incredibly powerful, never was I more aware of our Earth.

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