What We Do

Our Efforts To Restore The Everglades - Everglades Foundation Our Efforts To Restore The Everglades - Everglades Foundation

For the last 25 years, The Everglades Foundation has committed itself to scientific research, believing that the truth found in science would guide policy and restoration efforts for the greater Everglades. With a team of 8 PhDs on staff, the Foundation works diligently to conduct world-class research in water quality, economics, hydrology, wetland ecology and engineering.

With science serving as the guiding force, the Foundation takes on a powerful democratic approach when advocating for the restoration of America’s beloved wetland. By joining forces with like-minded environmental organizations, the Foundation’s advocacy team rallies constituents and makes its way to the tables of Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee, influencing leaders and policy alike.


The Everglades Literacy Program is a comprehensive K-12 framework that offers students the opportunity to explore, experiment and enjoy learning about the world that surrounds them. By embedding conservation as core value in schools, The Everglades Foundation provides the next generation the knowledge and passion needed to continue restoration efforts in future years.

Currently, The Everglades Literacy Program is in over 20 different Florida school districts, has trained over 2,300 teachers, and has the potential to reach 100,000 students.

College Students
The John Marshall Everglades Internship Program is an 8-week Everglades intensive program for undergraduate students. The Students learn all aspects of the Everglades ecosystem and its restoration through in-depth field experiences, invaluable networking opportunities, and capstone projects.

Fellowships and Scholarships
To increase scientific understanding of the Everglades and quantify the benefits of Everglades restoration, The Everglades Foundation supports innovative research by full-time graduate students.

ForEverglades research scholarships and fellowships are open to students pursuing degrees in relevant areas such as earth sciences, biological sciences, engineering, geography and economics. FIU and FAU graduate students are offered fellowships and scholarships with Florida International university and Florida Atlantic University’s harbor branch oceanographic Institute. Click to learn more.

The Everglades Foundation George Barley Water Prize is offering $10 million to the person or team that can find a cost-effective solution to the world’s most wicked water problem: phosphorus pollution. As green algae and red tides sweep through freshwater bodies across the globe, solving this crisis has never been more critical. Currently, it costs trillions of dollars to clean up phosphorus pollution, making it unfeasible. With a $10 million prize on the line, the four-stage competition, which launched in July 2016, attracted more than 104 teams from 13 different countries. Since then the competition has been narrowed down to the final 9 who competed in the third stage, Pilot Phase. These 9 teams hope to earn a place in the Grand Challenge and compete for a chance to win the $10 million grand prize. Click to learn more.