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The Everglades Foundation and its partners are continuously working on a variety of Everglades restoration projects.

Science Insider


SERES Project

Management-Driven Science Synthesis: An Evaluation of Everglades Restoration Trajectories


New Study: Agriculture Industry contributes 76% of the pollution in the Everglades, pays only 24% of the clean-up costs 

To access files related to the economics of Everglades restoration, please browser the following documents:

There is approximately $1.2 billion a year in economic activity generated by recreational, or “sport” fishing alone in the 13-county Everglades Region, according to a new study conducted by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust that was funded in part by the Everglades Foundation.

Scientific Studies

Everglades Foundation report on Oil and Gas Impacts in the Big Cypress Ecosystem:

Oil and Gas Impacts in the Big Cypress Ecosystem: An analysis of impacts associated with proposed activities in the Nobles Grade area

Policy & Planning

The Everglades Foundation recently commissioned The Tarrance Group to conduct a survey of voter opinions on the sustainability of water supply and ties to the economy, growth management and Everglades restoration funding.  A summary of key findings is accessible via the file below:

The Everglades Foundation joined Florida’s leading planning and conservation organizations in reviewing a series of recommendations for the state’s new leadership, outlining suggested refinements to Florida’s growth management process. Reports detailing the recommendations are accessible below:

The Everglades Foundation commissioned a survey on Florida voter opinion regarding Everglades restoration. The Executive Summary details responses from likely voters on the U.S. Sugar Corp. land transaction, restoration of America’s Everglades and development within the Everglades Agricultural Area.