Students working on Everglades topics awarded EF 2012 scholarships

Students working on Everglades topics awarded EF 2012 scholarships

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Our science department is proud to announce the award of two scholarships: one at a $15,000 level to a PhD student, Danielle Watts (University of Florida), and one at a $5,000 level to a Master student, Jessica Lee (Florida International University).

The scholarships are awarded annually to students working on research projects related to Everglades restoration. Candidates for these highly competitive awards submit a        detailed application that is assessed by the Foundation’s science team. The number of scholarships awarded varies from year to year and is based upon the Foundation’s      budget.

“Awarding scholarships to students is always a priority,” says Everglades Foundation Water Quality Scientist, Melodie Naja, “these students are the future of Everglades restoration and we need to ensure that the new generation is well educated on the key     issues.”

Danielle Watts  (UF) is working with Profs. Matthew Cohen and Peter Frederick from the University of Florida. She is examining the unique ridge and slough patterns in the Everglades, much of which have been significantly altered or lost as a result of human interference causing ecosystem degradation. Through modeling and monitoring, she is assessing the hydrologic conditions required to successfully restore these original Everglades features and function. Danielle already posted a video on YouTube about her research:





Jessica Lee  (FIU) is working with Prof. Jennifer Rehage from Florida International University. She is examining the impacts of ongoing restoration efforts on fish dynamics in the Everglades. Recreational anglers and guides will assist with fish-tagging, thus increasing their awareness and self-investment in restoration and conservation efforts. Jessica will also collaborate with middle schools to teach students how to use mapping software to follow and predict fish movement among various habitats.







Keep an eye out on our blog for updates from the students as they continue their research. Our fellowship and scholarship programs are sustained by the generosity of our donors. Your contribution helps support young Everglades restoration scientists and their research on vital Everglades topics.

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The Everglades Foundation Science Fellowship & Scholarship Program began in 2008 and has since awarded $ 400,000 to 22 students working on Everglades restoration topics.