Grants 2019 - Everglades Foundation Grants 2019 - Everglades Foundation

The Everglades Foundation is accepting proposals for our 2020/2021 Grant Cycle.

Collaboration on key issues in 2019 proved very successful for organizations that worked with The Everglades Foundation to advance restoration priorities. Partnerships will always be essential in enhancing the effectiveness of the Everglades community and we look forward to strategically supporting organizations that can uniquely add value and capacity as we engage in a proactive campaign to drive momentum on expediting Everglades restoration. We are now accepting proposals for our upcoming FY20/21 grant cycle. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, February 21, 2020.

The Everglades Foundation will consider proposals for projects that:

  • Raise the profile of Everglades restoration at the local, state and national levels through communications, community mobilization and grassroots organizing.
  • Employ unique, strategic and tactically sound advocacy campaigns that influence media, advance policymaker education and develop champions on specific Everglades restoration projects and key policy outcomes.
  • Broaden the base of support to include landowners, sportsmen, business interests, etc. and building alliances beyond environmental organizations.

*If your organization did not receive 2019 funding from The Everglades Foundation, please contact Keely Phillpotts at for a pre-proposal discussion prior to the 2020 grant cycle and to receive a proposal application.