Partners in Advocacy

Partners in Advocacy - Everglades Foundation Partners in Advocacy - Everglades Foundation

Between July and September each year, the Everglades Foundation accepts applications for its matching grants program. The Foundation contributes more than $1.2 million towards restoration efforts by awarding programming funds to organizations who work directly on Everglades issues. The Foundation strives to reach out to both environmental groups as well as non-traditional organizations such as the sporting community.  In 2013, 17 diverse partner organizations received program grants for specific projects in the areas of policy development, coalition building, outreach and communication, and Everglades education.

Organizations that receive Everglades Foundation grants and partner with the Foundation on strategic programming are invited to serve on the Foundation’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC). Together, we collaborate on efforts that are critical to the overall success of a comprehensive restoration of America’s Everglades.

We are in constant communication with our partner organizations setting priorities, strategic directions and sharing information. These efforts help make the EAC an effective voice in Everglades restoration.

To learn more about our grant application process, or to apply, visit our Grants page.