Water Crisis

Global Water Crisis - Everglades Foundation Global Water Crisis - Everglades Foundation

Global Issue, Global Impact

Freshwater is an Endangered Resource

More than 15,000 freshwater bodies around the U.S. are now in peril because of nutrient pollution, and each year we are starting to feel the consequences. Harmful algae blooms caused by excess nutrient pollution are impacting water bodies in all 50 states and are conservatively estimated to cost the U.S. economy between $2.2 billion and $4.6 billion annually.

There have been efforts to remove excess phosphorus from freshwater sources, both at the source and downstream but neither has produced the large-scale, cost-effective solutions the world so desperately needs to solve this global freshwater crisis.

This is where The Everglades Foundation stepped up in two big ways:

  • Challenging the free market and entrepreneurs around the globe with the $10 million George Barley Water Prize, but we cannot do it alone. We need you – those who feel as strongly as we do about solving one of the world’s greatest issues: Securing clean water for future generations.
  • Serving as an influential powerhouse in the environmental world, The Everglades Foundation has a history of influencing environmental policy by providing bipartisan solutions backed by sound scientific research.