Teacher Training

Teacher Training Teacher Training

The Everglades Curriculum teacher training is a hands-on, inquiry-based program aimed at improving the understanding of this rich topic through interdisciplinary techniques. These workshops provide participants with the insights they need to implement the Everglades Literacy Program in their classrooms while integrating its lesson content with their other science and non-science related curricula. Each workshop is tailored to the unique needs of its participants.  In addition to modeling sample lessons, facilitators introduce educators to the Everglades Literacy Program’s Teacher Toolkit – a resource made available free of charge on the Everglades Foundation website.  Participants will also receive essential instructional supplies such as top-quality books and other grade-appropriate materials for use in conjunction with specific lesson plans. Teacher workshops will run between 4 and 6.5 hours depending on the audience.

The Everglades Literacy Conceptual Framework and K-12 Curriculum is a free set of lessons (three per grade level) that scaffold from K-12 in order to build complexity among topics. This core curriculum focuses on (a) providing resources for teachers in order to implement these lessons in the classroom; (b) reducing environmental risks and negative impacts to this fragile and unique ecosystem; (c) protecting the future of America’s Everglades for future generations; and (d) training teachers and students to make better-informed decisions. This program is aligned to the Florida Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

For additional information regarding teacher training please email Jennifer Diaz at jdiaz@evergladesfoundation.org.